Humanity In Bloom: Haiti Earthquake DVD

Sunday, January 31, 2010

List Of Links from MSNBC

Video: Haitian orphans look toward a new beginning

Reporter discusses church's trip to rescue children in Port-au-Prince

Slideshow: Church rushes to help orphanage in Haiti

Interactive: Meet the children

Story 1: Pa. pastor 'expecting the worst' at Haitian site (with reporter Alex Johnson)

Story 2: Armed, resolute, church group heads for Haiti

Story 3: A joyful reunion, but now what?

Story 4: An island of relative calm in a sea of chaos

Story 5: As tensions rise, orphanage group decides to move

Story 6: At the end of orphans' scay journey, a Haitian oasis

Story 7: For orphans, safe haven brings new rules

Story 8: Good Samaritans, helped by other Good Samaritans

Video: Senior Pastor Randy Landis describes emotions as the team arrives in Port-au-Prince

Video: Children sing a song of thanks

Video: Church leaders explain to the children that they have to leave

Video: The children and church volunteers play dominoes in the evening

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Crocs' has donated $190,000 worth of Crocs' to the people in Haiti!!



The night of the earthquake in Haiti our Senior Pastor, Randy Landis, and a team (Pastor Ramon Crespo, Frank Andino, and Ramon Morales) left to Haiti, and have been tirelessly serving the people in Haiti in this time of tragedy. Also with them is a news reporter and crew from MSNBC. They having been blogging everyday on all that has been going on while they are there.

Here is the link:

Check it out!

Keep up with what's going on!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

we look forward to sharing with you all that is going on in Haiti, the orphanage, and of course our community here in the Lehigh Valley.