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Sunday, January 31, 2010

List Of Links from MSNBC

Video: Haitian orphans look toward a new beginning

Reporter discusses church's trip to rescue children in Port-au-Prince

Slideshow: Church rushes to help orphanage in Haiti

Interactive: Meet the children

Story 1: Pa. pastor 'expecting the worst' at Haitian site (with reporter Alex Johnson)

Story 2: Armed, resolute, church group heads for Haiti

Story 3: A joyful reunion, but now what?

Story 4: An island of relative calm in a sea of chaos

Story 5: As tensions rise, orphanage group decides to move

Story 6: At the end of orphans' scay journey, a Haitian oasis

Story 7: For orphans, safe haven brings new rules

Story 8: Good Samaritans, helped by other Good Samaritans

Video: Senior Pastor Randy Landis describes emotions as the team arrives in Port-au-Prince

Video: Children sing a song of thanks

Video: Church leaders explain to the children that they have to leave

Video: The children and church volunteers play dominoes in the evening

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