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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Planning for The Future of Our Fellow Haitian Friends

All teams that were visiting from Hope Point, Cedar Crest Bible, 1st Pres Church and Life Church are heading home today. Remaining on the grounds in Haiti will be Jeffrey Sneller with Sneller Industries as he completes the courtyard project at Life Clinic. We thank him for his willingness to assist us with this project.

An addition has been made to the LifeClinic courtyard layout and design. Pastor Randy would like for it to include a small to medium size playground to be installed in the very near future. We are working with Dr. Terry Collier who is interested in raising funds for this project.We will still need funds for the shock absorbers on the playground and importing all materials to Haiti.

Dr. Berger reached out to Dr. Junie with Kings Hospital in nearby Cazeau and they had a great conversation about Dr. Berger helping out King’s Hospital.Dr. Berger would like to personally use their facility to give surgical/urological care to LifeClinic patients and partner with their facility. Doctors on the Lifeclinic medical advisory team are working now on getting their information together to send to Kings Hospital. A visit to King’s Hospital was also made by Pastor Ramon and some of the medical professionals that were on this most recent trip as well.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Progress Is Rolling Right Along!

Another Group from First Presbyterian Church and Life Church is arriving today. This will be a 3 day trip for them to explore a future partnership with the Clinic and Orphanage.

Pastor Ramon arrived back in Haiti yesterday for 5 days to assist with the exploration visit and the projects at the clinic.

Jeffrey Sneller with Sneller Industries will also be on the grounds for 10 days starting today to complete the courtyard project for the Clinic. We are very grateful for the donation of his time and the access to his architects and resources. Life Church will hire 6 men for 10 days to assist with this project.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Down But Not Out...

We were told that the Haiti government is asking big organizations that are feeding the people to pull out and that it is time for them to workout their own situations. Pretty hard to imagine isn't it? We,on the other hand, are not one of those big organizations and do not plan on going anywhere. Our teams being led by Pastor Ramon and Pastor Randy have shown when they tell the Haitians they can count on us, they live up to their word.

Behind the orphanage is an outdoor community with 35 children and 18 adults where we delivered food, and other supplies to them and PR and his team set up tents for them. They have a big sign that reads SOS Children’s Village. When we asked them what kind of help they are getting they said that they were given enough food for 2 months and that after that, they are on their own. They aren't forgotten. Not by LC or God...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Haitians Can Teach All of Us The True Meaning of Patience for Medical Care

Well, our Life Clinic now has electricity, runnning water and living quarters upstairs but we are still working on the medical examining rooms, medical supplies,reception area, air conditioning for the pharmacy and a few other things before we plan to open in May. As Pastor Randy said, while the medical services at the clinic have not yet begun, the food and distribution of clothing and cooking supplies and other items has started. The community in Santo 19 and surrounding areas are excited and anxious to be treated. It will surely be a LIGHTHOUSE in that community.

To give you an idea how needed our LifeClinic really is, just yesterday one of the locals in Santo 19 was sharing how he went to a nearby medical clinic which was about a 10 minute walk away. When asked how often it is open, his reply was once. Confused, he was asked, do you mean once a week? No, he says, one day, period. How did he know about it then to even go for a medical checkup? Oh well, he replies,I happened to be at my church and they were setup beside it. It was a team from the US from a hospital in the midwest that was only there for 1 day. Then, as soon as they arrived, they were gone again. So if you didn't happen to hear about it, your chances for care would have to wait for maybe another month or year again....

The community is excited and anxious to be treated it will surely be a LIGHTHOUSE in that community
Many connections with NGO’s, and faith based organizations continue to be made and we are following up with them some lead to a desired outcome and some don’t but we follow it and see what happens.
LC donated $3000 in food and supplies to the special needs orphanage we took the supervisor and director grocery shopping and we also delivered 2 loads of diapers to them from the HHI warehouse, they were given $400 in propane and diesel fuel was also purchased for them we will continue to share our resources with them.
Also attached are some the latest renderings for the future site of RCO, these renderings were provided by Sneller Industries architects. We continue to explore land opportunities that come are way and Jeffrey and John will visit land in Fond Parisien and L’ Arcahaie.
Bill Dedman from Msnbc has posted a new update and would like to stay in the loop regarding our projects and will post new stories from time to time
Jaccii Farris would like for us to assist her in getting the word out regarding the Haiti in Bloom DVD remember proceeds will benefit LCH and RCO
Skytop Charity Golf Outing, Monday June 7th benefitting RCO final registration are due May 27th (flyer attached)
If you have any additional updates that we missed please share and reply to all

Sunday, March 28, 2010

God Shows Us Each Day New Opportunities

God works in mysterious ways.We ran into a missionary from Kansas who cashed his tax refund,bought a ticket to Haiti and was given 2 months off from his boss to come and help.He had no prior connection to Haiti.He then runs into a Canadian couple coming in to assess an orphanage that they support.By trade he is an electrician and will be doing all the electrical work for the clinic and RCO at no charge for us now!

God Shows Us Each Day New Opportunities

God works in mysterious ways.We ran into a missionary from Kansas who cashed his tax refund,bought a ticket to Haiti and was given 2 months off from his boss to come and help.He had no prior connection to Haiti.He then runs into a Canadian couple coming in to assess an orphanage that they support.By trade he is an elec...trician and will be doing all the electrical work for the clinic and RCO at no charge for us now!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

With Faith and Perserverance, All Things Are Possible!

The medical advisory team of Life Clinic met once and has come up with a pretty extensive list of supplies that will be needed to stock the clinic on an ongoing basis along with other strategic information.

Don't forget that the DVD documentary, " Haiti in Bloom" which follows our medical relief team is now available. You can purchase a copy by logging onto WFMZ-TV 69 news in Allentown online ( ). They have a link on the main page for orders. A large portion of all sales will be donated to Life Clinic and our Rescue Children's Orphanage. Get yours today!

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Progress Continues Under God's Supervision

We've received an update on the rehabbing of our clinic building from Ramon and Luz. Donald Clarke will be continuing to assist with the work on the building while he is in Haiti until April 11th. The opening date has not been determined yet, but it's coming right along!

The next delivery date of supplies which are being sent through Compassion Alliance is March 26th. 50 additional tents were also added to that pallet. The warehouse for Compassion Alliance, which is located in Cap Haitian will be able to also deliver the pallets for us which is such a blessing and eliminate the need for us to make the 6 hour drive to pick everything up.

Pastor Randy, 2 LC members and others from the Worship Center in Lancaster will be returning to Haiti on April 6th through April 18th to assist the pastor in Carfore to set up 131 tents that have been secured through Cabela's as well as other needed help. A 3 man team will also be coming in from Cedar Crest Bible Fellowship to assist RCO from April 18th through April 25th.

Pastor Ramon and Luz will be back in the US by this Friday. Hopefully all of us will get a chance to see them before one or both of them return to Haiti.

A million thanks go out to everyone for all their love, help and support no matter how large or small...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

larger image Haiti Earthquake: Humanity in Bloom

With its majestic mountains and kaleidoscope of flowers..
Haiti may be the most beautiful place on earth.
Life here is simple..but spirited for the people of the world's poorest nation.
January 12th the unthinkable happens...

A mighty earthquake brings Haiti
to its knees.
Buildings topple...
Thousands perish.

Life as it was, will never be again.

But through the chaos and heartbreak the seeds of beauty are being re-sown.
Because in the middle of all this...
Humanity is blooming.

69 News follows members of Allentown Pennsylvania's Lifechurch and three Lehigh Valley doctors as they travel to Haiti to rescue orphans and provide medical attention to people ravaged by the earthquake.

It is an emotional journey that reveals the triumph of the human spirit over human suffering.

The DVD is $20 plus tax and handling costs. The proceeds after production costs will benefit Lifeclinic and Rescue Children Orphange Haiti.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Let's Start Planning For The New Clinic!

Everyone back here in Allentown has regrouped and now our medical advisory committee is ready to begin planning for the new LifeClinic building in Santos 19!

Tonight will be the first meeting where new ideas are created and all the great, already established ways are simply continued to help the wonderful Haitian people who still need our help and cannot be forgotten.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Working with Other Organizations To Bridge Gaps in Haiti

Thanks to our new friends at Compassion Alliance, 14 pallets of supplies will arrive in Cap Haitian on March 16th via Royal Caribbean. The great thing is they ship things in 2-3 days and they don’t have to pass through customs. Ramon and Luz will be picking up the pallets on March 17th.

The 24 Pallets of Croc’s shoes will arrive at Life Church on March 12th. We are waiting on a shipping date from Ramon as to when to send them down to Haiti.

131 tents have been secured through Cabela’s. One hundred are going to Carrefour to help a Pastor who has members sleeping in his yard, and the rest are going to Pastor Ramon to meet the needs in the Santos 19 area. Securing tents is nothing short of a miracle right now since we were told that nation wide many suppliers are totally out since they have been supplying the demands of USAID and other large organizations. The tents were paid for by two separate donations that have come in.

Pastor Randy was able to register LifeClinic with USAID, this means the clinic will be able to distribute food from USAID and he has secured an $8,000 donation for the clinic.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Documentary on Life Church Teams Airing Saturday, March 6th

Make sure to watch Channel 69 News tomorrow night, Saturday,at 6:30pm. Reporter Jaccii Farris and photo journalist Lee Jenkins have created a documentary called "Humanity in Bloom", which will focus entirely on the time they spent following our Life Church team one week after the earthquake hit. They will also be selling the DVD of it and all proceeds from the sales will go to our LifeClinic and Rescue Children's Orphanage!

Ramon and Luz will be returning to Haiti on March 14th. They took a well deserved break to go visit family in Puerto Rico. Word is the new LifeClinic building is about half done right now. The hope is it will be up and running by early April at this point.

Monday, March 1, 2010

God Has Once Again Provided

Our new LifeClinic we have leased that will reopen in April. Some protection from the outside elements and the possibilities are endless!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some of Our Team Sharing After Returning From Haiti

Left to right; Frank Andino, Ramon Morales, Dr. Scott Rice, Andy Berger, Dr.Paul Berger, Pastor Randy Landis

Friday, February 26, 2010

They Will Only Forget If We Let Them

Bill Dedman who is a reporter with MSNBC will be doing a follow up report on any updates about our clinic and orphanage since he returned to the US after spening time with our missions team in Port-au-Prince.

We continue to get requests for people who would like to travel to Haiti and help our teams and also phone calls for donations.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Options for Getting Donations and Teams In

We are researching some options for our next shipment to Haiti. Love A Child has been so busy with their shipments that they encouraged us to send our supplies through another source. We will find out soon the status of our last shipment. Unfortunately the pallets were separated, 3 of them are on route to Port-au-Prince and we are unsure if the other 3 1/2 have been placed on another ship. One option is to send our next shipment through Compassion Alliance on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship. The challenge is Royal Caribbean's port is in Cap Haitian several hours from Port-au-Prince. The positive is it will get there in 2-3 days.

More good news is that as of March 13th,American Airlines and Delta will now be flying into Port-au-Prince.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Every Contact Brings New Possibilities

We were able to get in contact with Pastor Dave Beril who has been in Haiti conducting the Willow Creek Leadership Summit for several years. The summit is held every year in the Carabie Prestigious Hotel to attract all the top leaders. He said Haiti is very class conscious and this is a challenge to break. Right now his main focus is taking an airplane into Haiti though and bringing in much needed medical supplies to remote locations that have not received anything since the earthquake. He would like to also help us get more medical supplies for our clinic.

Also Jaccii Farris from WFMZ, Channel 69 News in Allentown, is the reporter who traveled with our medical team into Haiti in January. She will be airing her documentary she has been working hard on about the trip on March 6th.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

With Change Comes Praise

Luz told us of how Thursday night the team had a powerful time of singing and worshipping with the beautiful Haitian people. They sang in English, French and Creole.She described as to how simply amazing it was and how it lifted everyone's spirits and all the heavy burdens they have been and still are carrying. Everyone truly came together before our team splits off to go home, move the orphans to another location and shut down the clinic temporarily for one month.

The One Voice for Haiti Benefit concert was held last night. Carmen represented Pastor Randy and Maribel and Pastor Ramon & Luz for the event since they were all still in Haiti. There were about 200 people there. She was able to share with everyone as to what we are doing in Haiti and showed a CD with Arnie’s pictures. An offering was taken and it will be shared with LC, New Covenant, and Calvary Temple. One of the churches that New Covenant supports lost 700 members and are ubable to find most of them. Shortly after the earthquake, the Haitian church members from the congregation filled the streets and worshipped.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some New Changes Are Coming

Pastor Ramon and his wife Luz have decided to only temporarily close the current clinic for one month while they re-establish the new home for our RCO children and also work on moving the clinic to a new indoor location. Supplies are very low now and local communities are still asking for help daily, but the needs can only be filled as the supplies are re-delivered. Packing was just completed again for new shipments to leave LC soon for Haiti. Pastor Ramon and Luz will not be coming back to Allentown now until April sometime.

Very sadly,one of the triplets delivered, passed away. Ramon,Rafael and Jose all helped in the burial of the little boy.

Pastor Ramon has become the unofficial sheriff in town! He has calmed crowds, stopped fights, and told people to turn from their wicked behavior. The locals have also now asked him to settle their disputes! He also will not allow special priority to anyone no matter how important they make think they are. All are treated the same.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Generosity and Work Continues

Update on LC Haiti Clinic

The clinic continues to treat several hundred patients each day and the critical ones are transported out to area hospitals as need be. Dr. Iqbal Sorathia who was one of the 3 doctors who flew down with our second team in, has stated that he is ready to assist the clinic both financially and by helping medically with other doctors. There is also a German doctor who would like to do the same as well as get involved with the orphanage. Doctors and nurses continue to remain impressed with the clinic and how the team has committed themselves to working there.

We have had several organizations recently donate more items to help in the efforts. The Columbian Red Cross donated 500 units of blankets, tarps, water and hygiene kits. The Half-Moon Confederation also donated a good amount of supplies to distribute as well. Pastor Randy also worked with Feed The Hungry who has donated 250 family meals. There are 15 families living at a dump who sent Pastor Ramon a letter requesting food,water and shelter. Our team went and delivered all the items they needed and set everything up. The families invited Pastor Ramon and his team to come and share dinner with them because they were so grateful. Pastor Ramon was overwhelmed by their generosity and so he went with Rafael and his son Itai to share in a dinner celebration with all the families.These families were the first ones to benefit from the Feed The Hungry meals which were just donated.

Thanks go out to all who continue to donate and offer their services to help the Haitian people. The needs are so great and every donation of time, items and money all help!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who Would Have Ever Thought When This All Began?

Luz shared that Dr. Mike Marshall from Harvard Humanitarian Organization leading the medical efforts on the compound of LAC spoke to them and told them that they will be using the LC Haiti Missions Clinic on the grounds of RCO as a model clinic for other clinics they are setting up in Port-Au-Prince. He also told them that they are the top clinic giving the most vaccinations in Haiti. They are vaccinating the youngest and smallest first.

Another group seeking to set up a clinic came to visit.HHO referred them, telling the group they needed to see the LC Haiti missions clinic and try to duplicate it.HHO will then go visit their site to see if its possible to accomplish this.

Dr. Mike Marshall from HHO said they will be there for the year and have no plans of leaving as they are anticipating great medical needs to arise. Also he said he can continue to supply them with doctors and nurses. They are very impressed with how things are running and our organization not to mention the amount of people they have been able to vaccinate since the earthquake hit.

The Great Work Continues...

Our Life Church Haiti Missions Clinic has been been able to accomplish so much! Some updates for everyone:

-They have already treated over 1000 patients.
-An average of 150 to 200 people a day have been seen but today they were able to see 160 patients.
-All types of illnesses, pregnant women, vomiting, diarrhea.
-Yesterday they treated a boy who had part of his foot amputated and it was infected so they had to rush him to the LAC clinic to be treated there.Today they found out they were able to stabilize the infection for him.
-Our team is now making food deliveries to the people in the nearby neighborhoods instead of directly at the clinic,since it can be too chaotic. It has been much more calm and peaceful as a result of that change.
-The clinic continues to treat quake victims but is now also seeing people that have needed care for a very long time.
-Doctors from all over the world are working together with our team at the clinic.
-Over 100 tents have gone up for people in the community.
-Rene is in the DR working with a Pastor and attorney from another church looking to purchase a nice used pick up truck. We hope this transaction will be complete by Monday.
-Doctors keep stressing that when the rain starts in April there will be another wave of death and so the Harvard group begged our team to stay.
-We now have an attorney able to assist us on the grounds who is credible.
-Luz stressed how proud we would all be to see how everyone from all races, religions, and countries are working together!

Update on some developments here:

Pastor Randy has been busy before returning today to the DR;
-He has worked with some business men who wanted to buy an SUV for us. The plan is to purchase the SUV in the DR next week.
-He also secured Valarie Lowe from Charisma Magazine who is now travelling with he and Maribel. She will be writing a story that will be featured in Charisma. Valarie Lowe is also the person who wrote the previous story on Church on the Move years ago. The story will be on the secular working with the sacred.
-He distributed "How to Donate" flyers at the Lehigh World Events Forum yesterday.

In addition;
-$3000 was donated by a Charity concert organized by Rice Bowls President Dodd Caldwell.
-T-shirts and magnets were purchased with our logos for our team to wear and to place on our vehicles while traveling,so the team can be easily distinguished.
-Angel was able to acquire a light and siren for the top of the cars.
-Thank you cards have gone out to the people who went to Haiti and those in lead positions who helped here in Allentown. We are working on postcards for everyone else.
-John in South Carolina has four churches that are partnering with him and donating supplies.
-John (RCO Board Member) and Dodd have traveled to Haiti with the group that just arrived in the DR today.
-Dairan is meeting with the 4 man team that is traveling out on Sunday to prepare them for the trip.
-Monday, The Morning Call will feature 2 articles on Haiti thanks to Carol Landis.
-Jaccii Farris is also getting these updates and she is willing to keep the people informed as much as possible. Jaccii is also working on a documentary about her entire time spent with the second team going into Haiti as well as why LC is in Haiti and doing the work we continue to do. This will air in March.
-Pastor Randy and Maribel told us that the MSNBC journalist,Bill Dedman is still looking for updates so we are going to try to keep him informed.
-Luz said that Arnie has great pictures from Ramon’s camera and that Sarai actually has video footage of the mother Dr. Scott assisted in her baby being delivered in the back of the truck!

The mission continues with hopes of helping and healing the Haitian people. The donations and wise advise and volunteer support are all so important in making this a success so far and we thank you! Let's not forget the work still to be done going forward and never forget what our Haitian friends have had to and still are enduring.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Charisma Magazine Article

Uncommon Courage During Haiti Crises

Wednesday, 03 February 2010 09:53 AM EST J. Lee Grady Newsletters

Fire In My Bones

How a Pennsylvania pastor led a four-man team into the quake zone in Port-au-Prince to save a handful of orphans.
Psalm 27 was posted on the orphanage wall.

At the Rescue Children Orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, a small sign was hanging on one of the building's concrete walls on Jan. 12, the day the city was leveled by a devastating earthquake. It was a verse from Psalm 27, written in English and Creole: "When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take care of me."

Those words have rich meaning today, not only to the 11 children in that orphanage who survived the quake but to Randy Landis, a charismatic pastor from Allentown, Pa., who helped lead a dangerous search-and-rescue mission when he learned about the calamity. He knew the children had survived the quake, but when phones went dead he had no idea if they had food, water or protection from falling debris. So Landis and a small team of men from Lifechurch of Allentown sprang into action.
"At one point I cried for 45 minutes. I just felt I wanted to do more than I could do to help."—Pastor Randy Landis

While most Americans were still learning the facts about the disaster, the men packed 400 pounds of medical supplies, said goodbye to their families and caught a flight to the Dominican Republic. Two photographers from MSNBC tagged along.

Landis told those reporters: "I don't think Jesus would be in America sitting and watching television. If He had a way to get to Port-au-Prince, He would get there. He would be a first-responder."
These are the 11 children who survived Haiti's earthquake after the Rescue Children's Orphanage was damaged.

The odds of this ragtag team actually getting into the quake zone were not good, but a string of miracles made it possible. On the flight to Santo Domingo, the guys met an Haitian doctor who knew key people in the Haitian embassy. When they arrived in the Dominican Republic and went to the embassy, they were ushered past lines of people and into an official's office. He promised safe passage through the border into Haiti.

The men rented a vehicle and loaded it with tents, gasoline, potatoes, bananas, vegetable oil and other supplies, and then drove more than four hours on rough roads until they arrived at the orphanage.

When they pulled up in front of the building they found the children and four adult workers sleeping in a courtyard under the stars. The compound's walls had collapsed, and the 7-bedroom structure was cracked and uninhabitable. The men called out the names of every child to make sure they had survived.

All the kids were accounted for. There had been no casualties.

Landis tried not to cry in front of the kids, but he's been shedding lots of tears since that emotional reunion. "I haven't cried that hard since my daughter was born with Down syndrome," Randy told me last week. "At one point I cried for 45 minutes. I just felt I wanted to do more than I could do to help."

Each day after the quake, things grew more volatile because people in the area were without food, water and electricity. Up to 100 people a day came to the orphanage seeking help. Sometimes they simply wanted to recharge their cell phones so they could try to call missing relatives.

"We were about to run out of food," Landis said. "And at one point there was another 4.5 aftershock."
This Haitian boy is all smiles after the Life Church team arrived from the U.S. to aid the Rescue Children Orphanage.

It soon became obvious that the men could not keep the children at the Rescue facility, which Lifechurch had started operating in 2009. Through another series of small miracles, Landis learned about an orphanage operated by the Tampa-based Love a Child organization in the town of Fond Parisien. He soon got approval to transfer the orphans from Rescue to the Love a Child facility.

Said Landis: "Our kids were a little apprehensive when we drove into the Love a Child compound. It had horses and swing sets. But then all 70 of the Love a Child orphans came out to greet us. They started embracing everyone."

Landis actually went back to the damaged Rescue orphanage and set up a makeshift relief center that is still being used today to treat victims of the quake. In fact, it has been tagged by the United Nations as a designated "safe place." The Rescue facility has been compromised structurally, but Landis is already making plans to build a new orphanage for his kids. He came home last week for a few days but is planning to go back to Haiti on Feb. 11.

Meanwhile the children from Rescue Orphanage are reminded daily of the promise from Psalm 27:10 that used to hang in their former home. When everything around them shook, and even their national palace crumbled, the Lord gave these Haitian children a future and a hope.

J. Lee Grady served as editor of Charisma for 11 years and is now contributing editor. You can follow him on Twitter at leegrady. If you'd like to contribute to Lifechurch's work with Rescue Orphanage in Haiti, go to

'An incredible, amazing feeling'

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God is good. He is good for us.

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Reporter discusses church's trip to rescue children in Port-au-Prince

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Haitian orphans look toward a new beginning

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

2/2 – As of today, over $100,000 has been give to our Haiti Relief fund. Truly remarkable considering many of us have been negatively impacted due to the recession. Also, thousands of pounds of supplies (medical, food, tents, etc.) have been donated and are being taken by truck (driven by two Lifechurch volunteers) to Florida to be shipped to the Dominican Republic then delivered to Port-au-Prince by land. This is all so amazing!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

List Of Links from MSNBC

Video: Haitian orphans look toward a new beginning

Reporter discusses church's trip to rescue children in Port-au-Prince

Slideshow: Church rushes to help orphanage in Haiti

Interactive: Meet the children

Story 1: Pa. pastor 'expecting the worst' at Haitian site (with reporter Alex Johnson)

Story 2: Armed, resolute, church group heads for Haiti

Story 3: A joyful reunion, but now what?

Story 4: An island of relative calm in a sea of chaos

Story 5: As tensions rise, orphanage group decides to move

Story 6: At the end of orphans' scay journey, a Haitian oasis

Story 7: For orphans, safe haven brings new rules

Story 8: Good Samaritans, helped by other Good Samaritans

Video: Senior Pastor Randy Landis describes emotions as the team arrives in Port-au-Prince

Video: Children sing a song of thanks

Video: Church leaders explain to the children that they have to leave

Video: The children and church volunteers play dominoes in the evening

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Crocs' has donated $190,000 worth of Crocs' to the people in Haiti!!



The night of the earthquake in Haiti our Senior Pastor, Randy Landis, and a team (Pastor Ramon Crespo, Frank Andino, and Ramon Morales) left to Haiti, and have been tirelessly serving the people in Haiti in this time of tragedy. Also with them is a news reporter and crew from MSNBC. They having been blogging everyday on all that has been going on while they are there.

Here is the link:

Check it out!

Keep up with what's going on!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

we look forward to sharing with you all that is going on in Haiti, the orphanage, and of course our community here in the Lehigh Valley.