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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some New Changes Are Coming

Pastor Ramon and his wife Luz have decided to only temporarily close the current clinic for one month while they re-establish the new home for our RCO children and also work on moving the clinic to a new indoor location. Supplies are very low now and local communities are still asking for help daily, but the needs can only be filled as the supplies are re-delivered. Packing was just completed again for new shipments to leave LC soon for Haiti. Pastor Ramon and Luz will not be coming back to Allentown now until April sometime.

Very sadly,one of the triplets delivered, passed away. Ramon,Rafael and Jose all helped in the burial of the little boy.

Pastor Ramon has become the unofficial sheriff in town! He has calmed crowds, stopped fights, and told people to turn from their wicked behavior. The locals have also now asked him to settle their disputes! He also will not allow special priority to anyone no matter how important they make think they are. All are treated the same.

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