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Saturday, February 20, 2010

With Change Comes Praise

Luz told us of how Thursday night the team had a powerful time of singing and worshipping with the beautiful Haitian people. They sang in English, French and Creole.She described as to how simply amazing it was and how it lifted everyone's spirits and all the heavy burdens they have been and still are carrying. Everyone truly came together before our team splits off to go home, move the orphans to another location and shut down the clinic temporarily for one month.

The One Voice for Haiti Benefit concert was held last night. Carmen represented Pastor Randy and Maribel and Pastor Ramon & Luz for the event since they were all still in Haiti. There were about 200 people there. She was able to share with everyone as to what we are doing in Haiti and showed a CD with Arnie’s pictures. An offering was taken and it will be shared with LC, New Covenant, and Calvary Temple. One of the churches that New Covenant supports lost 700 members and are ubable to find most of them. Shortly after the earthquake, the Haitian church members from the congregation filled the streets and worshipped.

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