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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Generosity and Work Continues

Update on LC Haiti Clinic

The clinic continues to treat several hundred patients each day and the critical ones are transported out to area hospitals as need be. Dr. Iqbal Sorathia who was one of the 3 doctors who flew down with our second team in, has stated that he is ready to assist the clinic both financially and by helping medically with other doctors. There is also a German doctor who would like to do the same as well as get involved with the orphanage. Doctors and nurses continue to remain impressed with the clinic and how the team has committed themselves to working there.

We have had several organizations recently donate more items to help in the efforts. The Columbian Red Cross donated 500 units of blankets, tarps, water and hygiene kits. The Half-Moon Confederation also donated a good amount of supplies to distribute as well. Pastor Randy also worked with Feed The Hungry who has donated 250 family meals. There are 15 families living at a dump who sent Pastor Ramon a letter requesting food,water and shelter. Our team went and delivered all the items they needed and set everything up. The families invited Pastor Ramon and his team to come and share dinner with them because they were so grateful. Pastor Ramon was overwhelmed by their generosity and so he went with Rafael and his son Itai to share in a dinner celebration with all the families.These families were the first ones to benefit from the Feed The Hungry meals which were just donated.

Thanks go out to all who continue to donate and offer their services to help the Haitian people. The needs are so great and every donation of time, items and money all help!

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