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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Great Work Continues...

Our Life Church Haiti Missions Clinic has been been able to accomplish so much! Some updates for everyone:

-They have already treated over 1000 patients.
-An average of 150 to 200 people a day have been seen but today they were able to see 160 patients.
-All types of illnesses, pregnant women, vomiting, diarrhea.
-Yesterday they treated a boy who had part of his foot amputated and it was infected so they had to rush him to the LAC clinic to be treated there.Today they found out they were able to stabilize the infection for him.
-Our team is now making food deliveries to the people in the nearby neighborhoods instead of directly at the clinic,since it can be too chaotic. It has been much more calm and peaceful as a result of that change.
-The clinic continues to treat quake victims but is now also seeing people that have needed care for a very long time.
-Doctors from all over the world are working together with our team at the clinic.
-Over 100 tents have gone up for people in the community.
-Rene is in the DR working with a Pastor and attorney from another church looking to purchase a nice used pick up truck. We hope this transaction will be complete by Monday.
-Doctors keep stressing that when the rain starts in April there will be another wave of death and so the Harvard group begged our team to stay.
-We now have an attorney able to assist us on the grounds who is credible.
-Luz stressed how proud we would all be to see how everyone from all races, religions, and countries are working together!

Update on some developments here:

Pastor Randy has been busy before returning today to the DR;
-He has worked with some business men who wanted to buy an SUV for us. The plan is to purchase the SUV in the DR next week.
-He also secured Valarie Lowe from Charisma Magazine who is now travelling with he and Maribel. She will be writing a story that will be featured in Charisma. Valarie Lowe is also the person who wrote the previous story on Church on the Move years ago. The story will be on the secular working with the sacred.
-He distributed "How to Donate" flyers at the Lehigh World Events Forum yesterday.

In addition;
-$3000 was donated by a Charity concert organized by Rice Bowls President Dodd Caldwell.
-T-shirts and magnets were purchased with our logos for our team to wear and to place on our vehicles while traveling,so the team can be easily distinguished.
-Angel was able to acquire a light and siren for the top of the cars.
-Thank you cards have gone out to the people who went to Haiti and those in lead positions who helped here in Allentown. We are working on postcards for everyone else.
-John in South Carolina has four churches that are partnering with him and donating supplies.
-John (RCO Board Member) and Dodd have traveled to Haiti with the group that just arrived in the DR today.
-Dairan is meeting with the 4 man team that is traveling out on Sunday to prepare them for the trip.
-Monday, The Morning Call will feature 2 articles on Haiti thanks to Carol Landis.
-Jaccii Farris is also getting these updates and she is willing to keep the people informed as much as possible. Jaccii is also working on a documentary about her entire time spent with the second team going into Haiti as well as why LC is in Haiti and doing the work we continue to do. This will air in March.
-Pastor Randy and Maribel told us that the MSNBC journalist,Bill Dedman is still looking for updates so we are going to try to keep him informed.
-Luz said that Arnie has great pictures from Ramon’s camera and that Sarai actually has video footage of the mother Dr. Scott assisted in her baby being delivered in the back of the truck!

The mission continues with hopes of helping and healing the Haitian people. The donations and wise advise and volunteer support are all so important in making this a success so far and we thank you! Let's not forget the work still to be done going forward and never forget what our Haitian friends have had to and still are enduring.

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