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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who Would Have Ever Thought When This All Began?

Luz shared that Dr. Mike Marshall from Harvard Humanitarian Organization leading the medical efforts on the compound of LAC spoke to them and told them that they will be using the LC Haiti Missions Clinic on the grounds of RCO as a model clinic for other clinics they are setting up in Port-Au-Prince. He also told them that they are the top clinic giving the most vaccinations in Haiti. They are vaccinating the youngest and smallest first.

Another group seeking to set up a clinic came to visit.HHO referred them, telling the group they needed to see the LC Haiti missions clinic and try to duplicate it.HHO will then go visit their site to see if its possible to accomplish this.

Dr. Mike Marshall from HHO said they will be there for the year and have no plans of leaving as they are anticipating great medical needs to arise. Also he said he can continue to supply them with doctors and nurses. They are very impressed with how things are running and our organization not to mention the amount of people they have been able to vaccinate since the earthquake hit.

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