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Monday, March 15, 2010

Let's Start Planning For The New Clinic!

Everyone back here in Allentown has regrouped and now our medical advisory committee is ready to begin planning for the new LifeClinic building in Santos 19!

Tonight will be the first meeting where new ideas are created and all the great, already established ways are simply continued to help the wonderful Haitian people who still need our help and cannot be forgotten.

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  1. Hello. This message is for Randy Landis. My name is Holly Methfessel Ginas and I am a 50 year old American woman living in Germany with my American husband. I am originally from Pa and my grandparents lived in both Skytop (Lukens family) and Buckhill (Methfessel family). Your last name Landis sounded so familiar to me!! I saw your Haiti mission on the internet in Germany and was moved to tears.
    I cannot imagine what those children have had to endure. I was so proud to hear that a church from Pa. was so actively involved!!
    My husband and my email address is and I would like to know if perhaps our parents may have known eachother!! When are you going to Haiti again and is there anyway that I could help you?
    All the best and keep up the terrific work!
    Holly Methfessel Ginas.