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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Progress Continues Under God's Supervision

We've received an update on the rehabbing of our clinic building from Ramon and Luz. Donald Clarke will be continuing to assist with the work on the building while he is in Haiti until April 11th. The opening date has not been determined yet, but it's coming right along!

The next delivery date of supplies which are being sent through Compassion Alliance is March 26th. 50 additional tents were also added to that pallet. The warehouse for Compassion Alliance, which is located in Cap Haitian will be able to also deliver the pallets for us which is such a blessing and eliminate the need for us to make the 6 hour drive to pick everything up.

Pastor Randy, 2 LC members and others from the Worship Center in Lancaster will be returning to Haiti on April 6th through April 18th to assist the pastor in Carfore to set up 131 tents that have been secured through Cabela's as well as other needed help. A 3 man team will also be coming in from Cedar Crest Bible Fellowship to assist RCO from April 18th through April 25th.

Pastor Ramon and Luz will be back in the US by this Friday. Hopefully all of us will get a chance to see them before one or both of them return to Haiti.

A million thanks go out to everyone for all their love, help and support no matter how large or small...

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