Humanity In Bloom: Haiti Earthquake DVD

Friday, March 5, 2010

Documentary on Life Church Teams Airing Saturday, March 6th

Make sure to watch Channel 69 News tomorrow night, Saturday,at 6:30pm. Reporter Jaccii Farris and photo journalist Lee Jenkins have created a documentary called "Humanity in Bloom", which will focus entirely on the time they spent following our Life Church team one week after the earthquake hit. They will also be selling the DVD of it and all proceeds from the sales will go to our LifeClinic and Rescue Children's Orphanage!

Ramon and Luz will be returning to Haiti on March 14th. They took a well deserved break to go visit family in Puerto Rico. Word is the new LifeClinic building is about half done right now. The hope is it will be up and running by early April at this point.

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