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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Working with Other Organizations To Bridge Gaps in Haiti

Thanks to our new friends at Compassion Alliance, 14 pallets of supplies will arrive in Cap Haitian on March 16th via Royal Caribbean. The great thing is they ship things in 2-3 days and they don’t have to pass through customs. Ramon and Luz will be picking up the pallets on March 17th.

The 24 Pallets of Croc’s shoes will arrive at Life Church on March 12th. We are waiting on a shipping date from Ramon as to when to send them down to Haiti.

131 tents have been secured through Cabela’s. One hundred are going to Carrefour to help a Pastor who has members sleeping in his yard, and the rest are going to Pastor Ramon to meet the needs in the Santos 19 area. Securing tents is nothing short of a miracle right now since we were told that nation wide many suppliers are totally out since they have been supplying the demands of USAID and other large organizations. The tents were paid for by two separate donations that have come in.

Pastor Randy was able to register LifeClinic with USAID, this means the clinic will be able to distribute food from USAID and he has secured an $8,000 donation for the clinic.

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  1. The lord is so awesome, I just dont have words,....... when it comes to supplying all of our needs according to His riches and glory.

    This is strengthening the faith of all who follow Jesus in the world.

    Amen Let it be done so unto your people Lord,all that you can pour out from your Kingdom, bless your name and bless each volunteer and recipient of this work.In Jesus name. :}