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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Haitians Can Teach All of Us The True Meaning of Patience for Medical Care

Well, our Life Clinic now has electricity, runnning water and living quarters upstairs but we are still working on the medical examining rooms, medical supplies,reception area, air conditioning for the pharmacy and a few other things before we plan to open in May. As Pastor Randy said, while the medical services at the clinic have not yet begun, the food and distribution of clothing and cooking supplies and other items has started. The community in Santo 19 and surrounding areas are excited and anxious to be treated. It will surely be a LIGHTHOUSE in that community.

To give you an idea how needed our LifeClinic really is, just yesterday one of the locals in Santo 19 was sharing how he went to a nearby medical clinic which was about a 10 minute walk away. When asked how often it is open, his reply was once. Confused, he was asked, do you mean once a week? No, he says, one day, period. How did he know about it then to even go for a medical checkup? Oh well, he replies,I happened to be at my church and they were setup beside it. It was a team from the US from a hospital in the midwest that was only there for 1 day. Then, as soon as they arrived, they were gone again. So if you didn't happen to hear about it, your chances for care would have to wait for maybe another month or year again....

The community is excited and anxious to be treated it will surely be a LIGHTHOUSE in that community
Many connections with NGO’s, and faith based organizations continue to be made and we are following up with them some lead to a desired outcome and some don’t but we follow it and see what happens.
LC donated $3000 in food and supplies to the special needs orphanage we took the supervisor and director grocery shopping and we also delivered 2 loads of diapers to them from the HHI warehouse, they were given $400 in propane and diesel fuel was also purchased for them we will continue to share our resources with them.
Also attached are some the latest renderings for the future site of RCO, these renderings were provided by Sneller Industries architects. We continue to explore land opportunities that come are way and Jeffrey and John will visit land in Fond Parisien and L’ Arcahaie.
Bill Dedman from Msnbc has posted a new update and would like to stay in the loop regarding our projects and will post new stories from time to time
Jaccii Farris would like for us to assist her in getting the word out regarding the Haiti in Bloom DVD remember proceeds will benefit LCH and RCO
Skytop Charity Golf Outing, Monday June 7th benefitting RCO final registration are due May 27th (flyer attached)
If you have any additional updates that we missed please share and reply to all

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