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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Planning for The Future of Our Fellow Haitian Friends

All teams that were visiting from Hope Point, Cedar Crest Bible, 1st Pres Church and Life Church are heading home today. Remaining on the grounds in Haiti will be Jeffrey Sneller with Sneller Industries as he completes the courtyard project at Life Clinic. We thank him for his willingness to assist us with this project.

An addition has been made to the LifeClinic courtyard layout and design. Pastor Randy would like for it to include a small to medium size playground to be installed in the very near future. We are working with Dr. Terry Collier who is interested in raising funds for this project.We will still need funds for the shock absorbers on the playground and importing all materials to Haiti.

Dr. Berger reached out to Dr. Junie with Kings Hospital in nearby Cazeau and they had a great conversation about Dr. Berger helping out King’s Hospital.Dr. Berger would like to personally use their facility to give surgical/urological care to LifeClinic patients and partner with their facility. Doctors on the Lifeclinic medical advisory team are working now on getting their information together to send to Kings Hospital. A visit to King’s Hospital was also made by Pastor Ramon and some of the medical professionals that were on this most recent trip as well.

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